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Daughters of Nri retells an ancient mythology in a relatable way. And it dares us while still reading the book to search about the amazing world of the Igbo belief system.
It makes it mark as the first in the series,  because it tells the conflict-cause like a moonlight story.

‘ Over a hundred years ago, Amadioha, the god of thunder and justice, sought to steal the Mother’s power. You see, Amadioha had always been a strange god. He was powerful, very powerful indeed, but whereas most gods influence human behaviour, Amadioha was influenced by humans. Our wants and needs, our never-quenching thirst for power, our self-destructive greed—we poisoned him. Justice, the core of Amadioha’s power, is and will always be the collective will of the people. The concept started off so pure and genuine, as did its god, but soon the will of the people turned rotten, and with it Amadioha became new.’

When the story opens with two female young adults, we ask ourselves if these ignorant girls could beat Eze, Amadioha’s time-tested incarnate on earth. But this is a story of self-discovery, love and hope. The twins though separated by distance were still bound by the god blood flowing within them. Will they defeat Eze? Can they defeat? Or will Eze emphasize the point that they are still children?

Reni Kamayo did a miracle with this. Expectant of the second series.



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