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Son of the Storm is a ‘we are alive’ statement by fantasy African fiction. And no-one is better ordained to announce this than Suyi Davies himself. In this book review, you would see how the author dissects an African pre-colonial political settings.

In a series, built around magical instruments, fantastical creatures and revolutionary ideas. Danso, the main male protagonist, is prepared to leave the comfort of-Marriage, Scholarly Living and his one time chance to political power-everything that is known for the unknown beyond the border. Daring to so much as pick up interest in such things, the forces of the land are ready to go to any extent, to make sure he regrets putting his attention in things that don’t concern ordinary men.
The plot thickens when even Fate wants him beyond the border. So that a stranger from lands believed not to exist any longer literally drops right in his backyard. He takes fate by the wrist and goes beyond, but not after his father and his three uncles pay with their freedom. 

Suyi Davies tells the machinations and activities of the Bassa elites like it happens in any other part of the world; throat-cutting and bargain filled. However, what is unexpected, is how Esheme turns from being an unsettled intended to Danso to becoming a cold, calculating emperor. The transition though unexpected is realistic.
In this first series, what is established is a suspenseful, hope-filled, and even sometimes painful prelude to what Oon Kingdom can turn a person to. Really expectant for the other parts of the series.

Sometimes when truth comes in search of lie. We should let our well-oiled lie prevail, except we are ready to bear the consequences that Truth will bring. In Son of the Storm, when some elements decide to go beyond what they are told to believe. Chaos is let loosed. And for this, Oon can never remain the same.


When would Son of the Storm by Suyi Davies be published?

Publication date: May 11, 2022

Is Son of the Storm, a series?

Yes, the son of the Storm is the first in the Nameless Republic trilogy

Has Son of the Storm won Awards and recognition?


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