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Do you think of terra-two? A review

Sci-fi based on outer space are most times told from that adult, tainted perspective. Do you think of terra-two is a coming of age story about hope, innocence and a forced life.Working together for ourselves is not retarded, rather it is the best way to ensure we survive in this world.Temi Oh paints each of her character effortlessly, realistically and clearly. Though still in their teens, the emotions, principles and life they live is one we all as teenagers all had. Was it the Jason and Juno’s love life? A love life whose strength we sometimes question, sometimes tear up over. Or the fragility of living as shown by Asa. With her character we are forced to ask ourselves, right now at this moment, am I, me? Or I am living someone’s else life. Most times, we think the problem of Going to another planet in another system will be solely about the technological questions. But Temi shows that it isn’t. It is more than that. Even if there is another hope at starting all over.

Are we humans really going to start over or we would just carry our ingrained destructive tendency to the new world. I am mightily amazed at how she depicts Harry. He has one of the best character growth that have seen in Sci-fi in recent years. We realise in the course of their journey that his life seemingly perfect has it own burdens, its own obligations. Do you think of terra-two? is the right book for you if you have ever questioned why humans exist.

It gets a 8.5 rating from me.


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