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My 5 Best African books for 2022

The greatest literature for 2022 stressed how we are influenced by the people we surround ourselves with, as well as by those whose memories we carry with us even if they are no longer physically present.

So whether you read a lot or fell short of your objectives, this article is a recommendation and comfort to return to reading.

The best books I read in 2022, were not necessarily written in 2022. However, it was when my eyes touched them. And that is all that matters.

This is the best book recommendation you could get in 2022

Do You Dream of Terra-Two? by Témi Oh

Do you think of Terra Two? Is a tale about coming-of-age centered on optimism, youth, and a compelled existence? The only approach to assure our survival on this planet is to work together for our common good. Temi Oh easily, convincingly, and unmistakably depicts each of her characters.

Do you think of Terra-two? If you’ve ever questioned why people exist, this book is for you.

Read the full review here

Lightseekers by Femi Kayode

This book focuses on a youth-related aspect of Nigerian society. It creates a story that claims that even modern-day Nigeria is in just as much danger as it was before the colonialists took control, with pages devoid of historical proverbs or typical African folktales. In a way, The Lightseekers is an exorcism of some sort to strip crime naked and point out the havoc it is creating.

Read the full review of The Lightseekers here

You made a Fool of Death with your Beauty by Akwaeke Emezi

Though there is a significant amount of loss and survivor’s remorse, this is a romance, so a happy-ever-after conclusion is expected. Akwaeke Emezi’s ability to innovate within the constraints of a well-known narrative arc is what sets these novels apart from others in their category. Emezi succeeds in this work by maintaining traditional romantic tropes while subverting a wide range of expectations.

The Madhouse by TJ Benson

If you enjoy reading novels with realistic many viewpoints, in which each character lives life to the fullest, has hysterical fantasies, and engages in errant intimacy, this book is for you. However, a variety of wistful Nigerian melodies are thrown about the books like artistic bread crumbs in the same sentence. A strange and foreboding reminder that there are other ways to tell this tale.

Read the full review of the madhouse here

Blood Scion by Deborah Falaye

This amazing tale drawing deeply from Yoruba mythology is wonderfully and movingly told by Deborah Falaye. That we give up and make an effort to put ourselves in the protagonist’s position. Blood scion’s linguistic choice is a significant upgrade over previous Yoruba fantasy recently released in America. When the characters talk, their words are well-supported linguistically and emotionally.

Read the full review of blood scion here

Which books caught your fancy in 2022?

Add it in the comment section. 


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