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Review| His Only Wife-An idyllic Western Polygamy

WHY SHOULD YOU READ THE ONLY WIFE? A gilt-edged debut. In his only wife, Peace dares us to see beyond marriage into womanhood, to see beyond love, into commitment. Set about 2014 in modern Ghana, Peace Adzo Medie at first slowly introduces us into an untypical marriage where the groom isn’t present on his weddingContinue reading “Review| His Only Wife-An idyllic Western Polygamy”



WHY SHOULD YOU READ FRESHWATER? Freshwater is the debut of land mark breaking author-Ekwezi Akwaeke. If you have ever wondered about what the Igbo system says about bi-sexualism, non-binary cis-, or any unusual gender classification? This is the book for you. Mysticism is usually regarded as something of the past. An expired belief system orContinue reading “REVIEW| FRESHWATER-IGBO SPIRITUALITY AND SEXUALITY”

Review|Behold The Dreamers-An intoxicating Debut

WHY SHOULD YOU READ BEHOLD THE DREAMERS? Behold the dreamers is an intoxicating migrant story. Showing the struggle of the undereducated African in America. Mbue’s work is a must read if you want to know the cost which lack of immigration papers, immigration and lack of self-worth can cause. Behold the dreamers is set inContinue reading “Review|Behold The Dreamers-An intoxicating Debut”

Prince of Monkeys(Book Review)-a provocative debut.

WHY SHOULD YOU READ PRINCE OF MONKEYS? Prince of Monkeys is a coming of age narrative that tells t anyhe Nigerian story in its natural blemished fashion. Ehirim’s debut is a book showing all shades of what Nigerian is in the 80’s and 90’s. It tells the story like Adichie’s Purple Hibiscus. Nnamdi Ehirim madeContinue reading “Prince of Monkeys(Book Review)-a provocative debut.”

A Girl as a Body of water-The first woman review

The first woman is a universal tale with an African perspective. It is well researched, human and emotional. Jennifer sets a new height in the African feminist movement, with this fiction. Imagine Purple Hibiscus blended with African child; this is it product. It is a coming of age prose set in Uganda detailing itself notContinue reading “A Girl as a Body of water-The first woman review”

Do you think of terra-two? A review

Sci-fi based on outer space are most times told from that adult, tainted perspective. Do you think of terra-two is a coming of age story about hope, innocence and a forced life.Working together for ourselves is not retarded, rather it is the best way to ensure we survive in this world.Temi Oh paints each ofContinue reading “Do you think of terra-two? A review”

Abdulrazak Gurnah’s THE LAST GIFT, a brilliant refugee tale.

What could be the best gift your father could give you with his last breath? Money? Secrets? Fears?  As an immigrant to Britain, Abbas denies his children the satisfaction of knowing who they really belong to. England or Tanzania? It all comes to a head when he gets affected by a stroke. And it gives hisContinue reading “Abdulrazak Gurnah’s THE LAST GIFT, a brilliant refugee tale.”


Son of the Storm is a ‘we are alive’ statement by fantasy African fiction. And no-one is better ordained to announce this than Suyi Davies himself. In this book review, you would see how the author dissects an African pre-colonial political settings. In a series, built around magical instruments, fantastical creatures and revolutionary ideas. Danso, theContinue reading “SON OF THE STORM; A NAMELESS REPUBLIC SAGA”


Daughters of Nri retells an ancient mythology in a relatable way. And it dares us while still reading the book to search about the amazing world of the Igbo belief system.It makes it mark as the first in the series,  because it tells the conflict-cause like a moonlight story. ‘ Over a hundred years ago,Continue reading “DAUGHTERS OF NRI; A COMING-OF-AGE MYTHOLOGY”


Change is hard, but change caused by disease is harder. And perhaps of the diseases that would cause a major change in our present world, COVID-19 is a critical one. COVID-19 is a virus believed to be transferred from animals to man and is spread by our contact with the particles through the eye, noseContinue reading “COVID-19 OUTBREAK AND THE TRANSPORTATION INDUSTRY- EFFECTS, CHALLENGES AND PROSPECTS”