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Review // Riot Baby by Tochi Onyebuchi-a redemption or another dystopian

Onyebuchi in Riot Baby depicts a fatherless family with a society-battered woman, a faulty super heiress, and a trouble magnet son. After the mother dies due to cancer, and the son is incarcerated for what the system makes him do, he asks:  What happens? Redemption or another Black Life Riot


Review| Clap when you land-how to write a novel-in-verse

WHY SHOULD YOU READ CLAP WHEN YOU LAND Elizabeth Acevedo’s use of novel-in-verse beautifies fiction with a peculiar style. But she doesn’t stop there. She recounts real tales and humane flaws in a way that makes us love and cry. Clap when you land is Acevedo’s third fiction piece, and its chasmic yet deliberate plotContinue reading “Review| Clap when you land-how to write a novel-in-verse”

Review | The gilded ones-a story of redeeming feminism

WHY SHOULD YOU READ THE GILDED ONES? Namina Forna’s the gilded one is a story about brutal survival, unforgivable quisling and redeeming feminism. It would be impossible to say in one breath what the gilded one is to me. But I would try. Set in Otera, the first of its series. We see coming ofContinue reading “Review | The gilded ones-a story of redeeming feminism”

Review| His Only Wife-An idyllic Western Polygamy

WHY SHOULD YOU READ THE ONLY WIFE? A gilt-edged debut. In his only wife, Peace dares us to see beyond marriage into womanhood, to see beyond love, into commitment. Set about 2014 in modern Ghana, Peace Adzo Medie at first slowly introduces us into an untypical marriage where the groom isn’t present on his weddingContinue reading “Review| His Only Wife-An idyllic Western Polygamy”


WHY SHOULD YOU READ FRESHWATER? Freshwater is the debut of land mark breaking author-Ekwezi Akwaeke. If you have ever wondered about what the Igbo system says about bi-sexualism, non-binary cis-, or any unusual gender classification? This is the book for you. Mysticism is usually regarded as something of the past. An expired belief system orContinue reading “REVIEW| FRESHWATER-IGBO SPIRITUALITY AND SEXUALITY”

Review|Behold The Dreamers-An intoxicating Debut

WHY SHOULD YOU READ BEHOLD THE DREAMERS? Behold the dreamers is an intoxicating migrant story. Showing the struggle of the undereducated African in America. Mbue’s work is a must read if you want to know the cost which lack of immigration papers, immigration and lack of self-worth can cause. Behold the dreamers is set inContinue reading “Review|Behold The Dreamers-An intoxicating Debut”