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Review // Riot Baby by Tochi Onyebuchi-a redemption or another dystopian

Onyebuchi in Riot Baby depicts a fatherless family with a society-battered woman, a faulty super heiress, and a trouble magnet son. After the mother dies due to cancer, and the son is incarcerated for what the system makes him do, he asks:  What happens? Redemption or another Black Life Riot


Review|| Lightseekers by Femi Kayode- a hymn of campus gangterism

The mystery-thriller genre in Nigeria has got a new pacesetter. Lightseekers indulge in our mundane Nigerianness- think of strikes, cultism, and revenge- to create a breathtaking plot and dopamine accentuating pace. Femi Kayode’s characters are Nigerians in their totality, except perhaps John Paul, whose characterization is a suppressed characterization in African fiction. Kayode knows thisContinue reading “Review|| Lightseekers by Femi Kayode- a hymn of campus gangterism”

Review| Clap when you land-how to write a novel-in-verse

WHY SHOULD YOU READ CLAP WHEN YOU LAND Elizabeth Acevedo’s use of novel-in-verse beautifies fiction with a peculiar style. But she doesn’t stop there. She recounts real tales and humane flaws in a way that makes us love and cry. Clap when you land is Acevedo’s third fiction piece, and its chasmic yet deliberate plotContinue reading “Review| Clap when you land-how to write a novel-in-verse”

REVIEW||Let’s this story properly-The stanzas of home and departing

A TALE OF MORAL LESSONS How far can you travel to find a home elsewhere? In a provocative yet vulnerable way, Jennifer Kumbi guides us to get answers to this. In most short stories, there is a tendency to be finite and crisp making such stories lack sporadic and reality. But in each of theContinue reading “REVIEW||Let’s this story properly-The stanzas of home and departing”

Review| Teller of Secrets-a woman’s husband is her glory

WHY SHOULD YOU READ TELLER OF SECRETS Teller of secrets is an intimate recounting of the patriarchal horrors of the 1960’s West Africa. And through the text, we find a feminism which might have gine too far just to prove a point. One of the best books to read to understand the diversive patriarchal AfricanContinue reading “Review| Teller of Secrets-a woman’s husband is her glory”

Review | The gilded ones-a story of redeeming feminism

WHY SHOULD YOU READ THE GILDED ONES? Namina Forna’s the gilded one is a story about brutal survival, unforgivable quisling and redeeming feminism. It would be impossible to say in one breath what the gilded one is to me. But I would try. Set in Otera, the first of its series. We see coming ofContinue reading “Review | The gilded ones-a story of redeeming feminism”