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Review // Riot Baby by Tochi Onyebuchi-a redemption or another dystopian

Onyebuchi in Riot Baby depicts a fatherless family with a society-battered woman, a faulty super heiress, and a trouble magnet son. After the mother dies due to cancer, and the son is incarcerated for what the system makes him do, he asks:  What happens? Redemption or another Black Life Riot


Review | The gilded ones-a story of redeeming feminism

WHY SHOULD YOU READ THE GILDED ONES? Namina Forna’s the gilded one is a story about brutal survival, unforgivable quisling and redeeming feminism. It would be impossible to say in one breath what the gilded one is to me. But I would try. Set in Otera, the first of its series. We see coming ofContinue reading “Review | The gilded ones-a story of redeeming feminism”

Do you think of terra-two? A review

Sci-fi based on outer space are most times told from that adult, tainted perspective. Do you think of terra-two is a coming of age story about hope, innocence and a forced life.Working together for ourselves is not retarded, rather it is the best way to ensure we survive in this world.Temi Oh paints each ofContinue reading “Do you think of terra-two? A review”


Son of the Storm is a ‘we are alive’ statement by fantasy African fiction. And no-one is better ordained to announce this than Suyi Davies himself. In this book review, you would see how the author dissects an African pre-colonial political settings. In a series, built around magical instruments, fantastical creatures and revolutionary ideas. Danso, theContinue reading “SON OF THE STORM; A NAMELESS REPUBLIC SAGA”